The very first moment you got a taste of independence - when word had spread in your school that somebody’s mum and dad were going away for the weekend, and that the person was having a party. Now the person never knew they were having a party - perhaps having is the wrong choice of word - they were getting a party. When I was growing up, it was called an empty - it derives from the fact that the person would have the house to themselves, an empty house - thus, an “empty”.
Now you musn’t confuse the empty with the high school parties you see in American movies, yeah? “Hey man, you guys - you guys know a kid called Chad Hogan?” “Yeah, man! Everyone knows Chad Hogan, dude! He’s like, the coolest kid in high school?” “Well Chad Hogan’s mom and dad are going away to Long Island for the weekend, man.” “There’s a party at Chad Hogan’s place?” “Yeah! Spring Break, yeahhh!”
Then it shows you Chad Hogan’s party - they guy’s booked a band for his living room! Everybody’s nodding and drinking from these plastic cups - “Great party Chad, yeah! Woohoo!” A bedroom door opens and some guy emerges - “Guess who got to first base last night?! Yeah!” The guy’s 35 years old. Those weren’t the kind of parties we had. We didn’t have Spring Break - we had the Easter Holidays. 
A lot more tension in an empty - somebody’s psycho cousin would disrupt the ambience by announcing he’d purchased twelve cans - drank two, spilt one, but only had seven left. “Turn that music off - we’ve got a can thief - fucking turn that down!” Somebody else in a corner smoking a joint and blowing it into your labrador’s face - an intelligent dog, as well, and it’s sitting there frazzled. Another guy’s just trying on people’s jackets - “Does this one suit me?” Not even “does it fit me”? The guy’s a petty thief but he’s also a fashionista. The same guy at the end of the night’s walking out holding a microwave - “I think you’ll find I brought this with me…. and I don’t care for the accusation. I mean, why would I steal a microwave?” (x)



a gif like this doesnt come around but once every dynasty

Favourite line in all of Dinsey

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In preparation for easter, I present to you the hollow chocolate TARDIS. Whoo! doctorwho look!

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Anonymous asked: What's your favorite thing in the world?


  • fireworks
  • the feeling of taking off on a plane
  • making people laugh and smile
  • the smell of fresh washed clothes
  • the feeling of seeing your favourite band live and singing your heart out
  • and pancakes, who doesn’t love pancakes

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well this is it

bonjour my petite crossaints


patio isn’t french

le patio

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Zoella  + All Things Hair

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my sister is going to a party later and shes bringing 3 bottles of vodka but i poured out the vodka and replaced it with water


That’s the biggest fucking waist I have ever heard of

r u calling me fat

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make me choose

claraoswinnoswalled and fabiero asked ten or eleven?

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KickThePJ’s Tiny Monster Collection #15
Nino Futureseer is an expert at moving through walls. His third eye grants him the power of ultimate surveillance, sneaking up on him is impossible. He stores his knowledge in his moustache, as well as a special hallucinatory set of smoke grenades.
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American Horror Story:Coven


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"He called me a Mudblood.”

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